D Description Of The Use Of Antihypertension Drug In Sultan Suriansyah Hospital, Banjarmasin


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Antihypertension, Description, Drug use


Background: The 2018 Riskesdas results the prevalence rate of hypertension in residents > 18 years based on national measurements of 34.11%. South Kalimantan Province has the highest prevalence of 44.13% (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, 2018).

Objective: The description uses antihypertensive drugs in South Kalimantan using samples from the Sultan Suriansyah General Hospital, Banjarmasin.

Methods: This research was quantitative with an observational method with a cross-sectional design, data were collected retrospectively. This research took the form of patient medical record data at Sultan Suriansyah Hospital from January 2021 - March 2021.

Results: There were 138 hypertensive patients were taking antihypertensive drugs including CCB (Calcium Channel Blockers) at 44.20%, Beta Blockers at 23.91%, Diuretics at 15.94%, ARB (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers) at 9.42% and ACEi (Angiotensin Converging Enzym Inhibitor) 6.52%.

Conclusion: Based on the results the highest use of antihypertensive drugs was the CCB (Calcium Channel Blockers) group at 44.20% and the lowest was the ACEi group (Angiotensin Converting Enzym Inhibitor) at 6,52%.


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