Journal History

Journal Of Nursing Invention in 2019 Initially used the Open Journal System version Then upgraded to version in 2022 However, because there were some problems in that version such as the number of writings or letters that changed so that the upgrade was carried out again to version 3.3..0.11 at the time of the upgrade there were several problems caused, such as the loss of the Author's name, article title and date of the editorial process so that the editor was forced to correct the meta data manually by unpublishing several volumes and numbers.

Journal Of Nursing Invention in 2019 has applied for ISSN on the old LIPI Portal, but after waiting for some time there was no progress from the submission of the eISSN and then the LIPI ISSN Portal changed, requiring us to re-register the eISSN which we finally got EISSN in 2022.

In the latest issue, the editorial team made a separate cover and full text issue due to requests from authors and readers, and finally applied in each volume and there were adjustments to the style and template.

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